What is D.E.R.P. Online?

Created by a german mastermind and developed by Halfware Interactive in Peru, DERP Online has travelled a long path since development started. But now that it’s ready, we can finally open the curtains and tell you all about it:

  • A true online experience, similar to Warcraft, Runescape, Maple Story, among others.
  • Character personalization like you’ve never seen before. There are so many options here, the only problem you’ll have is choosing WHO you want to be in DERP Online.
  • Exotic worlds, each different than the other. Do you want a relaxing experience focused on doing sidequests? Go to Veridium. But if you’re looking for a true survival experience in a planet where characters can kill each other, then I recommend The Wilderness. It’s your choice how and where you play.
  • An ambitious but punishing life system, where the player only has 3 starting lives, and losing them all results in a definitive Game Over. This is so he can experience a true sense of danger and to create real immersion.
  • Countless quests you can do alone or with friends. Each planet has diferent quests, so you have to keep in mind WHERE you are before tackling them. Perhaps the NPCs in the Wilderness are not so trustworthy…



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